Real Estate

Checks for recording real estate documents are sometimes distributed to different departments. Checks for State Deed Tax (SDT) and Mortgage Registry Tax (MRT) can be combined in one check. A separate check is needed for delinquent taxes, a separate check for current taxes and a separate check for recording fees. Make checks payable to Mahnomen County. If a deed is being eRecorded with a Well Certificate and a Certificate of Real Estate Value use the following sites to use the new eWell Certificate and the new eCRV. MN Department of Revenue MN Department of Health State Deed Tax (SDT) is figured at .0033 times exact consideration amount, with a minimum of $1.65 due if the total consideration is less than $3000. Mortgage Registry Tax (MRT) is figured as .0023 time’s exact amount of the mortgage. Make these checks payable to the Mahnomen County Treasurer. If numerous documents are submitted for recording with one check to cover all recording fees and any of the documents are not in recordable form, all documents will be returned without recording. We do not provide refund checks. Real estate documents are returned to the submitter unless an addressed, stamped envelope is submitted with the documents for the purpose of mailing the documents to a different party or address. Real Estate Recording Fees: $46 per document Satisfactions/Assignments $46 (This includes up to four document numbers referenced – an additional $10 per number thereafter) Well Disclosure Certificate - $50 Plat - $56