Mahnomen County Recycling Program Guidelines

Mahnomen County Recycling Program Guidelines

A wide variety of materials can be recycled. Our markets will accommodate several specific types of recyclables. Only CLEAN and SORTED materials of these types are acceptable:


Acceptable: Aluminum, steel, and tin cans. Please rinse cans clean and remove paper labels.

Not Acceptable: Dirty cans, aerosol spray cans, or cans with any contents remaining. No scrap metal.


Acceptable: Recycle all beverage and food glass containers. Please rinse glass clean and remove caps, covers, and lids.

Not Acceptable: Dirty glass, window glass, light bulbs, porcelain, mirror glass, drinking glass, or corelle items.


Acceptable: Newspapers, shoppers, and other publications printed on newspaper stock. This includes anything delivered in your Sunday paper.

Not Acceptable: Junk mail, or paperboard. Examples of paperboard are: beverage boxes, cake boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.).


Acceptable: Plastic containers that have a neck. (NO other plastic items are acceptable at this time). Please rinse plastic containers clean and remove caps and pumps.

Not Acceptable: Dirty plastic containers, or plastic containers that do not have a neck. No plastic bags or oil containers.


Acceptable: Magazines and catalogs may be dropped off at any recycling shed.

Not Acceptable: Books, or junk mail.


Acceptable: Phone books may be dropped off at the following recycling sheds: Mahnomen, Waubun, Bejou, and HillTop Supper Club.




Due to COVID and lack of staffing, curbside recycling in the City of Mahnomen is being discontinued until further notice. Please bring your recycling material to the recycling sheds located in your area or at the Highway Department facility at 1440 Highway 200, Mahnomen.

(This program is made possible through funding received through MN SCORE legislation and in part by funds collected through Environmental Service Fee Assessments).