The Auditor’s Office is part of the administrative branch of county government and interacts with county departments, county residents, the vendors, local governments, state and federal agencies, school districts, and special districts. The County Auditor, an elected official, is the county's Chief Financial Officer, Property Tax Administrator, and Supervisor of Elections. The Auditor is also a member, by statute, of the county board of equalization, the county canvassing committee, and sits on various other committees, councils, and boards, as directed by the board.

Department Functions

  • County Budgets, Payroll and Annual Financial Statement
  • Files special assessments against benefited landowners
  • Issues County Liquor Licenses through the Minnesota Liquor Control Commission
  • Calculates rates and prepares tax information
  • Passport Services
  • Voter Registration and Elections
  • Delinquent and Tax Forfeited Properties